Motion Control means machine performance. HYDROSPACE specializes in subsea servo drive systems and offers world-class end-to-end technological solutions. From custom Brushless DC servo motors to inverter drives, network communication and control software, we offer full system design flexibility from 1- 50HP and 24 to 800VDC. HYDROSPACE brings 25 years of experience in custom servo drive systems for deep ocean and space applications. This includes battery power banks, power management, to DC motor design, control electronics and control software to operate a wide range of high reliability applications for rotary and linear actuators, hydraulic power Units (HPU), jet pumps, track drive systems and more. These are adapted for use on fixed equipment or vehicles such as ROVs, AUVs and Manned Vehicles.


The ability to customize the motor to the specific load allows the motor to operate at the power level of the vehicle, without the need for any voltage adjustments to accommodate the motors. Hydrospace offers custom, semi-custom and standard designs for voltages ranging from 24-800VDC. All motors are three phase, permanent magnet DC motors and designed to be operated in ambient water environment. Drive controls include from simple analog linear control to RS-485, CAN Bus or Ethernet communication. Custom system control software for single or multi axis is adapted to the application in support of client specifications or as a stand-alone package.

BDC MOTORS // 24 to 800VDC


  • High Reliability, Brushless Design
  • TITANIUM, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Pressure Balanced Oil-Filled Housing
  • Hi-Dielectric Winding Protection
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Operating Depth to 2,000m+
  • Custom Voltage Designs 24-800VDC
  • Commutated or Sensorless Motors
  • Custom Torque / Speed Profile
  • 3-Phase Perm. Magnet AC/DC Drive
  • Remote or Integrated Electronics
  • Quiet Direct Drive Dependability
  • Wide Range Connector Options